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New Utility "Terrain sculptor" in Beta


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Terrain Sculptor, a new utility to create realistic terrain profiles around and on your airports and elsewhere for FS9, FSX and P3D has completed it's first week of beta testing. A few "bugs" have been discovered. All have been corrected. Things are looking good!


While the functions performed by Terrain Sculptor can also be performed by sBuilder, sBuilderX and ADE, those other applications require that all sloped polys/triangles be specified individually, that you manually determine the elevation where your work is to blend with the existing mesh and specify the blending triangles. Terrain Sculptor, on the other hand, uses individual points to specify terrain elevation and will automatically generate and clip the triangles needed to blend your terrain with the existing mesh. One of my beta testers reported it took him only 40 minutes to accomplish what he estimated would have taken 5-6 hours otherwise.


Terrain Sculptor includes a new LWM compiler (FS9) and makes use of existing tools for CVX files(FSX/P3D). Existing "flattens" can be imported from sBuilder and sBuilderX in .sbx format and, if you wish, your Terrain Sculptor-generated files can be exported back. Import/export from ADE is "in the works". Of course, you can also "start from scratch."


Please feel free to take Terrain Sculptor for a "test drive". You can download it from my website http://stuff4fs.com . Navigate to the Applications / Terrain Sculptor page and click the Development Release menu item. Should you notice any anomalies or wish to make suggestions, please do so in the Airfield Lights Toolbox (another of my airport-ancillary applications) support forum at




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