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Navaids 737 ngx storage?


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Yeah hi, people, please tell me, WHERE in FSX can i find the navaids data used by pmdg planes? (737 NGX and 747 etc)


(in the FS2004 map structure airports separately were stored in simple .TXT files somewhere in an added pmdg map structure)


now im curious where those (navaids) data are stored in FSX to let them be found and used by the 737 NGX succesfully


i dont see waypoints after clicking the little WPT button in left main panel nor airports data are available in FMC's position screen :-(


much obliged for solutions


ps thinking about a clean install of my w7 OS, fsx (and that pmdg horror plane) so lucky i made disk and partition images with clonezilla, saves me lots of time :-)



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Thanx Luke! :-)


Indeed, just like the fs9 map structure it looks... Just succeeded to pay for and download Navigraphs fms-data for the 737 NGX and now i have airports, sid's/star's etc etc (singing in the rain here :-) )


One last tiny question: how do i download >>>separate airport charts


concerning maps all i get is some big (moving?) map, way too big for the route im supposed to fly :-(



YS, keith

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The default fsx navaids are included with the 737ngx. They are also available for download from Avsim.com site.


The navaids from navigraph are different. They do not always match the fsx runway headings, so you may need to find addon airports with corrected headings.


For charts you may need a separate subscription. Not sure.

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