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Unwanted objects


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Hi to all,


recently I spent a good amount of time creating scenery using ADE for FS2004. It was quite a surprise when afterwards I found objects at Seattle Tacoma and Meigs Field placed in the middle of the runway. I never ever touched these airports and I wonder how these addon-objects got there. I opened the default airports to see if they are there but they are not and I can't seem to track them down. I even de-installed all my scenery to check if it has any relation to them but they didn't. How can I get rid of them?


I cannot even say for sure if they were placed by me by mistake or if they came with some of my other addons.....

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Not sure about the Meigs issue yet there are some addons out there that mistakenly added some objects to KSEA.


If memory serves me correctly a fellow that made a few airports for India had some files that added those objects.



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