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2D cockpit user looking for "vc" tips...


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Historically I have preferred to use a 2D cockpit rather than a "vc".


I find information in this view is easier to find particularly when the cockpit workload is high.


However I will be purchasing the new Aerosoft Airbus package very soon which only offers a "vc".


So are they any tips n tricks used by those with a preference for "vc's" that might help me become comfortable with a "vc"?

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VC allows you to realistically smoothly rotate your head to pan around (I use my joystick hat), but in the 2D cockpit the views "jump" without smoothly swivelling.

In the VC, use the zoom keys (plus and minus) AND the eyepoint keys (below) to make everything fit nicely on your screen..:)



(Hold keys down to slide your eyeballs)


SHIFT Enter= Up

SHIFT Backspace=Down





CTRL Backspace= Forward

CTRL Enter= Back


Hold CTRL and hit SPACE= Reset


Here are some shots of my Cessna VC near Barbers Pt, Oahu to show what I mean, the keys give you great flexibilty to set your VC view exactly how you want it-


1- too near the panel, and can't see over nose. (and maybe I should have flicked on the lights to brighten up the panel)-





2- This is better, I moved the eyepoint back and up.





3- If you want you can slide the eyepoint backwards to sit in the back like this, haha.

(And in bigger aircraft you can keep sliding backwards to sit in the main passenger cabin if you like)

Don't forget to use the zoom keys as well as the eyepoint keys to get a comfortable view-


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The excellent examples above is how the pilot can take advantage of the 3D environment to shift his body around in the seat (of which you can only do TILT in the 2D view.)


Some simmers also purchase enhanced view managers such as easydoc and trackir so they can more flexibly control their view without the complexities of the key commands.



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Be careful when moving the camera back. If you put it in the headrest you will lose the ability to click on anything in the VC.



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So are they any tips n tricks used by those with a preference for "vc's" that might help me become comfortable with a "vc"?


Only one tip - TrackIR.


While everything follows from TrackIR, you will find it also takes away. I would say you also need to get EZCA, for the single most important reason that it gives you back manual adjustment of the eyepoint (TrackIR centre point). It's also good for the dynamic effects and saving camera views, of course, but I consider moving the eyepoint is a near-essential feature. I map it to a rotary control, as you will see





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