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Blue Angels simming


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There once was, many years ago (around 1989), just such a product. It was called Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation, by a company called Accolade. The formation was welded together and you flew an open spot. It had a useful feature, a "catch up" button, if you will, that was used to instantly rejoin the group when you inevitably got good and lost trying to stay in formation with just the plus and minus keys to adjust the throttle! This product was a stand alone simulator, and not an add-on for MSFS. Its' major shortcoming was that it did not work with the throttle axis of a joystick, which had just been introduced with the CH Flight Stick. Without the ability to make rapid and minute throttle movements, formation flying at that level is pretty much impossible both on a simulator and in the real world.


There was more recently a simulation of the Swiss version of the Blue Angels, for MSFS. Same welded formation, much more responsive, but without the catch up feature. There is a review of this in the features here at Flightsim.com.


Then we must also mention that there is at least one actual Virtual Blue Angels team that flies it all "live", each pilot on his own simulator. They use a version of DCS World, and their flying is almost as impressive as the real Blue Angels, perhaps even more so since it is all done on simulation.

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Go to the Steam site and look in the Store for "Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator". I don't know anything about it, but it may be interesting.




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