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FSPassengersX and using Youtube videos for voicepacks?


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Yes indeed


Use Movie Maker which comes with windows


LOAD the clip/movie you want to modify

Use EDIT , then SAVE Movie option and select AUDIO ONLY.

This will extract all the audio BUT it will be in MP4 format.

FsPassenger crew packs require WAV format for the announcement files so you have to convert and then simply cut out the bits you want and CHANGE it to the appropriate wave file name

There are any number of programs out there that will do this (I use WavePad)


You can do this for ALL the announcements not just the safety video ones.

I have dozens of different CrewPacks all renamed ... to Canada Frontier, Delta, Virgin Atlantic etc etc


So when I am flying (say) Frontier the "Before landing" announcement will say something like "Thank you for Flying Frontier (and so forth) or any of the others.


Never repetitive or boring



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