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FlightSim lovers, The General Aviathon could interest you!

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Hi there!


I am reaching out today as we believe we have exciting news for the community!


Armstrong, the Daher innovation program, is organizing an amazing innovation competition around their aircraft, the TBM: The General Aviathon.


1 stunning product, 2 challenges to participate in:


Advanced Features: give some intelligence to our aircraft using cutting-edge technology

User Experience: improve the experience and services around the TBM


WHY? A chance to pitch your idea at NBAA in Las Vegas, a potential industrialization of your idea with Daher and Microsoft, 2x5000$to win & many other perks!

WHO? Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, an engineer, a business guy, or ANYONE, Daher warmly encourages you to think about YOUR way to build the #FutureOfAviation.


Visit our website for more details and submit your idea HERE!


I am sharing this competition here as we strongly believe it could trigger some interest among FlightSim members audience. Feel free to send it to anyone who wants to participate in the #FutureOfAviation!


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more details!


Thank you very much,


Emma Maury


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