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How to add new pop up window in panel view ?


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i am trying to add a new window to my panel view in order to accommodate the RFN gauge for use with carriers , it is easy when there is only three or four windows with the aircraft but when there is over nine I am lost , could someone give me a stem by stem way of doing this please ?

thank you in advance

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It's really the same technique as you've been using. What you won't like is you cannot assign default view keystrokes to the views past 9. Instead, you have to rely on the main menu "View" item to access the additional panels.


These are what *I* do to accommodate this:

1) I take another look at the panels I consider most important, I use every flight.

These I make sure are assigned to lower numbers.

2) If there is no way around the additional panel conflicts, but I use the addtional panels a lot, I will save a flight as the startup for this plane and have the high numbered panel(s) already open so I don't have to poke at the menu every time I start the plane.

3) By using some tricks like the simicon gauge set, you can assign high numbered panels to these panel icons so you can use the keys for low ones, and icons for high ones.


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