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iFDG MD-11

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I have the iFDG KLM's 95th anv MD-11 ( ifdg_md11klm_95years_ph-kce_fsx.zip ) and the panel for the same ( kw_md-11_ifdg_panel_project.zip ) To fly the plane I have to load another plane first, once Im on the apron I change the plane before flight. I can't load this plane from start as it will kick me back to the main FSX screen or close the program. I also can't load a saved flight with this plane.


FXS Dlx w/SP1 & 2


Global Traffic early ed.


HP Laptop, 4th gen I3 processor @ 1900ghz

12 GB Ram, 750 gb hard drive, intel onboard video.

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Downloading both and will give it a go! Will report back;) Definitely a problem with the KW panel. I also get a CTD if trying to load this aircraft first. Circular file for me!


Also the README file says to start with another aircraft then switch to the MD-11.

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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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The plane flies well, but yes I have to load another plane to fly it, and I can't save a flight in progress. I'll have to see if I can find another panel if the KW is causing the problem.





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AD - Do you use VC or 2D panels? I use a 2D panel by Phillipe Wallaert in both my DC10's and MD11 and it works fine.


Never heard of having to start out with another aircraft and then switch over to your desired MD-11 aircraft. But, I guess we learn something every day!


Good luck, I hope you can get this resolved! Rick :cool:

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Why revert to PM? Available from the friendly neighbor site, Simviation.com, with Wallaert's fine 2D panel for all to enjoy. Note that there's a patch for the VC panel. One of the great benefits of a forum like flightsim.com is the sharing of information for others.


Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)

Zip file preview

47.70Mb (7523 downloads)

McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo with virtual cockpit and working Honeywell FMC for FSX. Freeware SMS/FS Painter MD-11 model. VC FSX updates by Chris Evans. Textures by Mutas Sibai. Also added a new 2D panel by Philippe Wallaert, with some subtle changes, to better match the VC panel. Compiled for FSX by Dave Rocholl

Panel patch

Posted Jan 22, 2015 14:40 by Dave Rocholl

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fltdave- Why revert to PM? I was merely trying to help AD by emailing him a compressed panel that I showed him above. I explained to him in a PM that I would need an email address other than gmail in order for me do that. Had he had a regular email address and was willing to share that with me, he could or should not do so by posting it on here. The PM was the only safe way to communicate that information. I can not help AD with his panel issue, but maybe you have provided him with a fix above.


I am always willing to help and "share' with others on this site, but will only do so by making sure that any member' personal information will not be compromised!


Rick :cool:

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