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AI flight plans not showing up

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Just when it worked it stopped working. I mean it says getting new scenery when I load up FSX like its supposed to but when I spawn the aircraft doesn't show up. I'm not 100% sure but I think it took about a day or two for my 4(Technically 3 I accidently deleted one of them) other flight plans to show up but idk
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... a few of my FPLs are showing up ...

Could you clarify "showing up"?


From my own clumsy start with AI Traffic I recall the main culprit was mostly badly installed AI aircraft or repaints. I took the habit of assigning a panel to the AI aircraft, so they show up in the Selection Menu. I even have a pre-made panel folder (an alias to the default B738) on my desktop for that purpose.


Once you can "see" the AI aircraft in the Selection Menu, you've eliminated 75% of possible errors IMO. If they check OK (no black textures for example), you can remove the panel folder to clean up your Selection Menu.



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