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Piper Aztec PA23-250 (Help Needed)

Jay 737

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I'm in a need of little help from somebody with access to Piper PA23 250 Aztec.

I've recently acquired an old FNPT2 simulator, build upon this particular model.

However, after a few tens of hours working on the refurb, I realized that the seating position feels way off from natural. Yokes and the panel are really high up as well as the rudder pedals being set quite far away from the seat.


This build of a full-scale home cockpit is my life long dream so I obviously want to get it right. I would like to verify a few of the dimensions from the real thing if possible.

Unfortunately, there isn't too much information about Aztec on the internet as this kind of aircraft seems to be endangered species nowadays:)


Any help or advice would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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