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Changing airport elevation


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Hello.I know nothing about scenery designing.I'm flying to Batumi (Georgia) often and Airport has cliff on it's way and I want to change it.Airport is on 32.004 meters(105 ft) from sea level.I thought that easiest way was to change it's altitude to 10 meters.I installed ADE and tried to change it,but didn't manage.I save it but in FS there is no change and what to do?

Another way.Can you help me to get a rid of those cliff?And do it as slope? Capture.jpg

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There are 2 separate functions in ADE, saving and compiling.


ADE creates a project file, with the .ad4 extension if you have the latest version of ADE, that can contain a lot of data not used by FSX.


When you save in ADE you are saving the project file.


To create a file that FSX can read you compile, not save. This will create a file with the .bgl extension, with the possibility that there will be more than one file depending on your settings and scope of work.


These .bgl files need to be placed in an active scenery folder for FSX to see them. The most common place is ...\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery.


If you change the airport elevation ADE will also place a "stub afcad" in ...\FSX\Scenery\World\scenery.


Airports in FSX all have to be flat, well not really though that is beyond the scope of this post.


Flat airports are created by ground polygons that determine the elevation.


In your pic the tan rectangle is the ground polygon. You could edit that poly so it is not so close to the coastline.


In fact you will probably have to edit the poly anyway to lower the airport.


Here is a good tutorial on modifying ground in FSX with ADE- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/landclass-visibility-problem.15173/#post-97802



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