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All Nippon Airways fleet

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I've just uploaded a set of ANA aircraft. And all of them freeware


Some screens:


ANA DC-3 [Jahn]

ANA DC-3.jpg


ANA Viscount 800 [JBK]

ANA Viscount 800.jpg


ANA F-27-200 [stone-Bjorn Kesten]

ANA F-27-200.jpg


ANA NAMC YS-11 1966 [AFG]

ANA NAMC YS-11.jpg


ANA NAMC YS-11 1982

ANA NAMC YS-11 1982.jpg


ANA 727-81 1966 [TDS]

ANA 727-81 1966.jpg


ANA 727-81 1972 [TDS]

ANA 727-81 1972.jpg


ANA 727-281 1986 [TDS]

ANA 727-281.jpg


ANA 737-281 1984 [Tinmouse]

ANA 737-281 1984.jpg


ANA 737-281 1992 [Tinmouse]

ANA 737-281Adv 1992.jpg


ANA L-1011 1979 [Ruth]

ANA L-1011 1979.jpg


ANA L-1011 1993 [Ruth]

ANA L-1011 2000.jpg

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All VERY nice paint jobs! :cool::cool::cool: The good thing is: I have all birds you posted in my hanger.....;)


Great shots Coronado!! Jan didn't mention his hanger full of birds, are mostly ones with salt water stains!! :p;)



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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