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Auto-search Nearest Airport List


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Hi, in the process of upgrading scenery, I lost some functionality I thought was great and would love to have back. Used to be when I got within radio range of a controlled airport, the moment I tuned to the tower frequency an "auto-search" would run on the Nearest Airport List. It would find the airport that I had tuned to and when I pushed the PTT switch, I had all the tower menu options (request full stop landing, etc.). This was perfect! Now this doesn't happen - waits for me to press "1", etc. to select the airport. I don't know where this came from...thought I saw something about possibly FSUIPC providing this. Is anyone familiar with this functionality and can tell me how to get it back. Thanks...Bob.
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The functionality I described comes from MCE (Multi Crew Experience). It's called Go-Flight and it's use is enabled in MCE's .ini file. The software monitors the radios for freq changes - once it's on the same freq for more than 3 sec. (default), MCE opens the ATC window and you can watch the menu selections highlight until it finds your intended airport then displays all the tower options.



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