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Flying American Virtual | Grand Reopening

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Flying American Virtual is back after completely doing their website from the ground up. Now running with iCrew v4 as our backend crew center, we offer exciting new features in the virtual airline community. Flying American Virtual simulates the operations of the real world American Airlines, and its One World Alliance partner airlines.


Just some of the new features we offer:


  • simBrief built into our dispatching system. Offering dispatches with crew names, including flight attendants, as well as direct download from our website into many different formats like pmdg, fsx/p3d, etc. And the option to download your release papers in PDF format for use on your tablet or phone.
  • Voice ATIS weather briefings for any of our over 40,000 airports in our database.
  • Voice departure and takeoff briefings for your dispatched flights.
  • Prefile your flightplans straight to VATSIM from our dispatch center.
  • Events Center - Monthly events allow you to gain more vMoney, as well as special awards.
  • Tour Center - Special tours also gain you more vMoney and special awards.
  • Charter Ops - We have auto generated charter flights, and we also give our pilots the option to create their own charters.
  • Social System - Offering you a Discord Server, WhatsApp Group, and dedicated Forums built specifically for Flying American Virtual.
  • Screenshots Center - Upload your favorite moments into our screenshots center, and allow other pilots to like, comment and even share those moments on their own social media accounts.
  • Live Streaming - Do you like to live stream your flights? We have that option built into our website to allow our pilots to automatically stream to Twitch and YouTube. Just add in your appropriate ID's and we'll do the rest!


Those are just some of the over 50 new features we have to offer our pilots!


We're also proud to offer you updated schedules, on a bi-monthly basis so that you're always flying the most up-to-date schedules. May 1st is our next big schedule update!


Join us today, by visiting FlyingAmericanVirtual.com

Zac Pennebaker




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