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The Olde Yoke questions


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I used to do a lot of sim flying but 8 years ago I had a severe accident and, well to cut a long story short its been a long road to get to the point where I can again take up this hobby. I used to have a lot of Logitech equipment but all that has gone and where I currently live, I am not able to have or consider the same set up I once had.


I have been looking at the CH Eclipse Yoke for the PC, but I am a bit concerned that it seems to be in very short supply, also its very dated, or at least seems to be. There is also no mention of Windows 10 support and while I know that there will be no problem using it with Windows 10, it still concerns me that the product might now be suffering from lack of manufacturer support?


Is CH Products still an active and secure company when it comes to support? I do like the idea of having the rudder controls on the yoke as since the accident this would be easier for me. Any advice would be welcome. I still have the boxed version of FSX but am seriously considering Xplane11, but would also consider other options. To be honest I have little interest in flying big jets, although it is good fun once in a while. I mostly enjoy flying single engined light aircraft. Thanks

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