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New FS9 Install and Capt Sim


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I've just rebuilt and upgraded my PC. I have Windows 10. I wanted to re-install FS9. I decided to run it from D:/Program Files (x 86)/Microsoft Games. It works a treat. Did a compatibility to W7.

I've just purchased Capt Sim B707 FS9 version. Great plane and a bargain..however, I'm now struggling to get doors to open despite pressing 'shift + E' etc. I'm aware they've stopped issuing expansion packs for this model, But the basics should still work. Is this to do with where I've installed the plane?



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Do not install to any "Program Files" folders, this can cause all sorts of issues with older software not specifically designed to be there. I would remove and reinstall FS9 to the drive root (D:\FS9), then reinstall the 707. Run all installers, and the game, as administrator.
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As per jgf above.

Your issue may have nothing to do with where you installed FS but the first thing you should do is uninstall FS and take it out of program files. It is an absolute MUST! Then see if the problem is still there.

People think if FS itself works in program files all is fine and that running as admin cures all problems by installing in the default location. Yes, this may very well be true and you may have a problem free experience forever as long as you NEVER use an add-on.

FS uses a million add-ons and programs that need to find and interact with it. If you expect all this other stuff to work, find and interact with FS the only way is to get FS out of program files.

Mark Daniels
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After multiple installs on different PC’s of FS9 / W7, with old and new add-ons, I’ve never had issues of it in the x86 programs folder.

If it works fine but the doors won’t open, I’m not sure it’s a ‘compatibility’. But then again it IS W10 which can be a little touchy I’ve heard.

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I'm now struggling to get doors to open despite pressing 'shift + E' etc.


Some models use other commands for the doors such as tailhook extend/retract, wing fold/unfold etc.

Check the Capt Sim B707 manual for the door commands. If they definitely are the default Shift+E commands, the full version of FSUIPC will fix the issue for you, which is control acceleration. This is where the sim will recognize the Shift keypress but not the following E keypress because it wasn't made quickly enough.

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