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Calling all home cockpit builders!, BOEING 747-400 COCKPIT CHAIR FOR SALE!


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Good evening my fellow aviators, i am selling my Boeing 747-400 Flightdeck/Cockpit Chair.


this will be the perfect addition to finish off your home cockpit or get it started i am telling you guys about it because i really want someone from the flight-sim community to get her as that's why i have connected to her.


really good condition for the age of the chair also all electrics work.


currently i have her listed on eBay but am willing to take any offers or bids and then i will accept the offer is reasonable and then she's all yours.


unfortunately i have to sell her due to paying for training to eventually sit in one of these sits for my full time job haha.


i have left the link below for the eBay listing any questions or offers please just message me and i will reply asap!



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