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Help with Flight Control Sensitivity


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Hey guys,


I'm a newbie to flying; I've flown a few times, but *loved it*, and have a goal to begin building an RV-7A in about three years. For the past couple months, I've been regularly flying the RV-7A in Flight Sim World.


HOWEVER..... Whether I use the Logitech yoke and pedals in a Skyhawk or a simple joy stick for the RV7, I just *cannot* dial in the control sensitivity. I feel like I've tried everything with dead zones and sensitivity and exponential gains, and it's just not happening. I found the controls on the real airplanes to be tight and responsive and EASY. Literally easier than flying in a simulator. If I have the sensitivity maxed out with no dead zones, I can begin to get some level of actual, refined control over these machines, but then of course it's neither good training nor forgiving.


I see 'good flying' as being able to hold a steady heading and altitude.... this is just not possible with these controls.


What have you folks done? What do your settings look like?


THANK YOU, for any advice you can offer.



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