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Pushback problem for Thomas Ruths a330-300


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hello, recently I was playing flight simulator and I noticed when I tried to pushback my aircraft, I got this message saying aircraft cannot be moved by the tug. could someone help me fix this problem, thanks:mad:
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What happen if you do that: place another aircraft into same position and try. Position the Bus onto another Airport and try again. What happen?



Ancient I7-2600@3900, 24gb ram, 250gb ssd win10/64, 500gb ssd fsx, 500gb ssd p3d v3.4
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Instead of spending time adding angy icons, try adding some details to your questions.


What exact aircraft. Filename of the .zip file that you downloaded from internet that had the aircraft in it.

And site you downloaded it from. Because sometimes people change an aircraft and re-upload it it. (Not allowed btw.) And if that happens you may end up with an aircraft with flaws.

So tell us what yopu have and where you got it exactly. Maybe add a link as well.


Also, as asked in two threads I think: Are you using GSX?? Do you GSX that installed?


And are you using FSDT (FS Dream Team) airports?


Does pushback work with other aircraft. (default aircraft)


And does pushback work with this aircraft at default airports?

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