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FSX crashed after New Graphics card .....But


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Put a a new Graphics card (GTX 960 4gb) in my desktop. Used DDU in safe mode and removed the driver for my ATI 7000 series 1 gb card prior to install. FSX crashed and restarted by itself. Everything seems to work but all my add on Aircraft does not show up. Only the default Aircraft. They are still in their proper directories though. Luckily this was a recent fresh install on a Win7 64 machine that was also a new install. My question is should I manually delete all add on Aircraft and reinstall? Or is there some other trick avoiding it?

Thanks ahead for any help you may offer,

Yeah I know Back-up, Back-up, Back-up

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You might try deleting the fsx.cfg* file and let it rebuild your aircraft list.

But before you try that look at your fsx.cfg file and see what aircraft paths are listed under the MAIN section, listings such as:



If your add-ons are in some folder not listed, then you need to add it to that list. Hopefully some of this will help you.

* Located in your C:\\Users\YourUserName\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX folder. In that same folder is a folder called SimObjects, which contains folders for each of your aircraft. In each of those is a file called state.cfg which would have content such as:






which are the Hobbs time and ID. Or it may not have the ID.


Larry N.

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