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WWI Flight Sims?


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This may be wrong place to ask, please move, if so. Thanks.


New here, and except for some time spent on the original Red Baron, many, many years ago (and mostly doing crash and burn :), I'm new to flight sims.


My only interest is the WWI period, and have been doing web exploring, and have found 3, so far. Rise of Flight, Wings Over Flanders Fields and Flying Circus. RoF is the oldest, but has been kept current up till maybe last year? WOFF is a updated version of a earlier sim, Over Flanders Fields? Flying Circus is the new and improved RoF? Are these correct understandings?


Is any one of the above better than the other, in any significant way? I know I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, so figure I'd ask which would be worth it, at the start.


Thank you.


Jim F

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Hi Jim,


As I was here receiving advice I thought it only proper, having read your question, to give my modest experience. I usually don't do Combat FlightSims but was so taken by a friends description of 'Wings Over Flanders Fields' that I bit the bullet and bought a copy. It really is a tremendously engaging program and draws you in but at a pace to suit the individual. As I said, I know/knew little of Combat Sims and had little interest but it really is interesting on so many levels and the WWI experience is historically interesting as well. Moreover, I found not having to go 'Online' was a great idea! The artificial intelligence is particularly clever I thought and indeed, when recommended this was much spoken of but I didn't think it would be as cleverly executed as I found it to be.


I hope this is useful.


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