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AI Aircraft Repaints Query For Craig Sturdivant


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Hi Craig,


If you go on this forum, Can I ask you, do you have another Website, where you have all the AI Aircraft repaints you have done, other than on http://www.Avsim.com and http://www.Flightsim.com ?


I am particularly looking for ones you did, which have not been done anywhere on the internet, for the Original Flight 1 Ultimate Traffic Software Addon.


I found your old Website recently from many years ago, which had links to .Zip Files for these obscure repaints you did, on web.archive.org. But sadly all the .Zip Files hadn't been archived there.


Here is the link to the Website :- http://web.archive.org/web/20050620011746/http://www.intergate.com:80/~csturdiv/


Some of those repaints from that old Website, appear to be in the Avsim.com File Library, but many of them are not.


Could you tell me where I can download those .Zip Files, that were on that Old Website of yours, that are now on the Current Internet, if they are at all ?


Any help and info you could give me, would be much appreciated.


Best Regards


Eddie Winch

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