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Need to Sell All


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Need to Sell Everything EVERY THING IS GONE




In the past few months I've developed health problems that preclude me being in one position for a long period of time. This is causing me to give up flight simulation since I can't stay at the computer long enough to complete a flight. I am listing some of the items I have and anyone who may be interested can email me. I am not listing prices but am thinking possibly 50% off retail:


CH Flight Sim Yoke

CH Pedals

Trim Wheel


Partial list of software: FS 2004, FSX and Acceleration, X-Plane 9, X-Plane 10 Regional US, GEX and UTX US, Ultimate Alaska, REX, REX 4 Texture Direct, Active Sky Next, and more. A few of my programs are downloads that I burned to DVD, but I will provide my account information for those items so a buyer could purchase the backup DVD's which are very reasonable. None of my software is pirated as you could verify through my account information.


I'd like to sell as one package, but........



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