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Eaglesoft Cirrus SR22 Turbo Error


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Hi all,


I am having problems with Eaglesoft's SR22 Turbo. I keep getting the error code 1001 on the screens of the aircraft. I have gone through the FAQ's provided and yet I still get the error code even after changing a few things like altering the permissions and making sure C/Programdata isn't hidden. It is starting to get very frustrating! Please let me know of any possible solutions.



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I'm a bit hesitant to reply to this thread just now. I have no idea what Error Code 1001 refers to. I have the Eaglesoft SR22 GTS and love flying it, great little plane.


I had a problem after I first got it. Couldn't get the GPS to do anything. Then, one of the kind souls here said that I might have been using a model that was set up for one of the add-on GPS units. I looked and ... sure enough, that was it.


Don't give up. There are enough "great minds" here to help you get this figured out.

Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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The only solution I found and since I don't belong to the Eaglesoft forums was something related to the Flight1 wrapper installation and not just using the .exe to install. (if that makes any sense)?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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