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Hi, I don't know why, but for some reason, FSX isn't downloading real world weather anymore for me. It says "An error occurred while downloading Real-World Weather. Please check your Internet connection and configuration and try again." I have no idea why, I even turned off my firewall and security, and the problem still persists. The funny thing is that it was working fine just yesterday, and even before that! Please help!
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This question has been posted ad nauseam. M$'s servers are not to be depended on anymore. You need a third-party weather engine like Active Sky Real Environment Extreme. There is something else that's apparently free that people use, but I can't remember its name. Since I use Active Sky 2016, I don't need that.


If you bothered to look at all the stickies. you would have saw this: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?262601-Microsoft-Weather

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Exactly the same here, it went off 48 hours ago! didn't want to start a thread but now that it is there, might as well report it. The only thing where I beg to differ is that it was working perfectly fine up to a couple of days back. Prior to that it yielded a fairly accurate weather representation of wherever I flew from (surprised Mr Zippy saying that the servers were down for some time now, maybe to do with me not using a US ISP?). I own a copy of REX Sky Force 3D which does inject real-time weather into the sim, but not with the same convenience.


NB: I did bother to look at the "stickies" but my weather didn't stop working 6 years ago. It stopped on the 16th of February 2019.


Best wishes.



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Tried to download FSrealWX3.0 Close B today. Went through process to open and account. They said I needed to respond to an email to activate. Email was never received. When tried to login to report the problem it says I'm not a member so can't log in. Hang on maybe some day I'll catch up with my tail.

Brian W.


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