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Flight Simulator Round The World Race


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As some of you may or may not be aware, FlightSim competes in an annual race around the world using Microsoft's Platform for Flight Simulation (includes Prepar3D). This event has been ongoing since 2003. Its an exciting event consisting of 2 sometimes 3 teams trying to fly around the world as fast as possible given a ruleset which can vary from year to year (to make things interesting). In recent years however interest in the event has dwindled, in fact Filghtsim hasn't participated in the last 2 races due to lack of interest.


My question to all of you is would this be an event that would pique your interest? Basically the teams need members. You do not even have to fly for team Flightsim, you can fly for team Sim-Outhouse or team AVSIM if that is what interests you. Please go and have a look at https://www.fsrtwrace.com and see if it is something you might be interested in. If so, check out the Race forum here at Flightsim and the team can walk you through anything you need to do to get setup. If you want to fly tubeliners / propliners / warbirds / slow planes then there are always legs within the race that will accomodate most of these. Granted the race is mostly flown in warbirds but rules can be changed.


Without your support, this race may not continue. In fact 2020's race is up in the air at the moment.


Please check it out.. Thank you,

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