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B707 instrument panel appears distorted

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The developer forgot to put in a number for the altimeter gauge size. I added what is needed in red. Don't know what the blank gauge is.









gauge00=CONCORDE!VOR, 385,524,90

gauge01=FAL_AP!AP_ALT, 251,418,18,18

gauge02=FAL_AP!AP_HDG, 270,418,18,18

gauge03=FAL_AP!AP_BC, 389,418,18,18

gauge04=FAL_AP!AP_Master, 467,418,18,18

gauge05=CONCORDE!Horizontal-situation-indicator, 253,551,108

gauge06=pg.707.cd.apdis, 579,357,15,15

gauge07=pg.707.hghb.alt, 646,356,15

gauge08=FAL_AP!AP_ILS, 410,418,18,18

gauge09=FAL_AP!AP_NAV, 448,418,18,18

gauge10=FAL_AP!AP_VS, 289,418,18,18

gauge11=FAL_AP!AP_YAW, 327,418,18,18

gauge12=F27_Brk_Hdl!ID_767_Brk_Hdl, 495,355,76

gauge13=Concorde!Engine-N2, 674,409,55, ,1

gauge14=Concorde!Engine-N2, 730, 409 ,55, ,2

gauge15=Concorde!Engine-N2, 786,409,55, ,3

gauge16=Concorde!Engine-N2, 842,409,55, ,4

gauge17=Concorde!Engine-N1, 674,467,55, ,1

gauge18=Concorde!Engine-N1, 730,467,55, ,2

gauge19=Concorde!Engine-N1, 786,467,55, ,3

gauge20=Concorde!Engine-N1, 842,467,55, ,4

gauge21=Concorde!Fuel-Flow, 674,586,55, ,1

gauge22=Concorde!Fuel-Flow, 730,586,55, ,2

gauge23=Concorde!Fuel-Flow, 786,586,55, ,3

gauge24=Concorde!Fuel-Flow, 842,586,55, ,4

gauge25=Concorde!EGT, 674,527,55, ,1

gauge26=Concorde!EGT, 730,527,55, ,2

gauge27=Concorde!EGT, 786,527,55, ,3

gauge28=Concorde!EGT, 842,527,55, ,4

gauge29=737-400!flaps, 903,526,50,50,,1

gauge30=737-400!flaps, 903,462,50, ,,2

gauge31=B737_800!autopilot, 480,235,543,100

gauge32=rp733!alt_alert, 424,404,27,14

gauge33=rp733!capt_lights, 709,27,30,10

gauge34=rp733!fo_lights, 739,27,30,10

gauge35=737-400!OMI Lights, 577,376,19,2

gauge36=CONCORDE!Altimeter, 477,437,90,90




Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Go to main fsx directory \simobjects\airplanes\folder with the name of the plane\panel.


Open panel.cfg in notepad or notepad ++ and look for [Window00]


Then go to gauge36=CONCORDE!Altimeter, and make sure the numbers reads 477,437,90,90


Save the file. if in notepad, just click save not save as

Edited by Enko
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If you find success with that edit, I have the fix for the blank gauge in the 2D panel. It's supposed to be a Lear_45 backup attitude gauge. I used the XML attitude gauge and also copied the lear45 .cab file into the panel folder.


panel 707.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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