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Problem making my own entries to some of the Elec. Kneeboard pages.


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Am able to make my own notes and add them to FS9's Electronic Kneeboard for the Checklist and Reference pages (_ckg & _ref), but unable to get into the Radio, Key Commands, Navigation and Briefing pages.


Have tried to use _briefings or _brief, _radio, or _rad, _navigation or _nav, and _keys, but can't get the kneeboard to recognize anything other than kb_checklists=***_chk and kb_references=***_ref.


Wondering if those are the only two pages of the kneeboard that we are able to use. Anybody had and luck entering your own info on the other pages, i.e. briefings, radio ,navigation & key commands? :confused:



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The key commands page is the kneeboard_keys.htm file in the Aircraft folder.


The Briefing page is loaded with a Flight, if it has a briefing file. A briefing file is an HTML document with the same name as the FLT file, but with an HTM extension. Look in the FS2004/Flights folder for examples.


The Radio page is created by FS as you use the ATC system and AFAIK cannot be edited. The Navigation page is created by the flight planner when you load a flight and also AFAIK cannot be edited, other than by editing the flight plan itself.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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Thanks Tom, that's kinda what I was wondering about. Couldn't find and explaination anywhere I looked. I'll probably just stick with the checklist and remarks pages for the info I want to put on the kneeboard.


Thanks for coming to my rescue!

JonB :)

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