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Flabbergasted over FreeMesh x and flightplanner


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Apologies if this post belongs elsewhere.

Still having probs with FreeMesh x and FSX flightplanner.

I have done a clean reinstall of FSX. Added ORBX Global and Libraries. Tested FSX and flight planner and everything works.

Then I added FreeMesh X as per instructions. Created an IFR flight plan, then clicked "find route" That's when the screen freezes and says Flight simulator not responding and asked me to close program. Then I remove all the FreeMesh entries from the library as per correct method and the flight planner works again.

Many of you seem to install FreemeshX without a problem.. so I can only assume I am doing something wrong somewhere.

I use FSX Steam.

.... Addon Scenery\Scenery\FreeMesh Area\Scenery

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe I just fly without the mesh.


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.... Addon Scenery\Scenery\FreeMesh Area\Scenery


My FreemeshX resides in separate \FreeMeshX\FreeMeshX Area folders.

But I don't think that's the problem.


Just wondering where in the Scenery Layer hierarchy you've placed it?

Can't find the document on which my install is based right now, but the good location to place FreeMeshX is just above the numbered Base areas, and just below the named continents.


As shown in the below pic:





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