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FSX or Xplane


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Im getting back into flight sims. Found out my issue was my usb hub and usb 3.0 config issues with my hardware.... I've picked up both fsx steam and xplane 11 on various sales. Before I get into everything which is better? I mean size of online community, mod support, hardware support for saitek panels ect. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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FSX is 32-bit. X-Plane 11+ is 64-bit. You are not comparing like-for-like..!


If you want to compare the communities, just look at the communities. The X-plane group is considerably smaller, but more advanced than the FSX mob. FSX Steam is about ten years out-of-date; X Plane basically starts from scratch every full iteration.


You make the choice, the caveat being: No-one says you can't have both...

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