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New comer needs advices for flight controls


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Hello to everyone,


I recently joined the flightsim forums because I would like to invest at home in flight simulation. I'm an airline pilot but need some advices as I don't know too much about the hardware for flight sims at home.

I'm looking for a yoke and rudder pedals which can get as close as possible to the feeling of the 737 or 747 controls. My goal is to practice from time to time at home some exercices that I never have a chance to practice in the real plane or in the full flight sim of my company.

I know I wouldn't find anything very realistic but at least a little bit.

Do you guys have any advices about those?

The cheap controls I have tried so far were always giving very "light" controls feeling, and the controls on real boeing aircraft are in reality very heavy and rudders very hard.

Is it possible to set different feeling on some controls with flight simulator X??


the CLSE Brunner



Go flight pro yoke



Virtual flight Yoko



Ace 737 yoke



And for rudder pedals which models could give me the heaviest harder to push feeling?

Also any advice for a gamer computer to run flight simulator ? (I have around 2000 euros budget for the computer).


Thank you so much for help guys.

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