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Pls recommend flight simulator software for Instrument Approaches including RNAV Appr


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I need help....


The last simulator I used was Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 during the period 2004 through 2009. It was great for practicing approaches at an airport that I intended to fly to in the coming days. Single pilot IFR in weather is difficult and flying the approaches in a simulator makes it easier. I recently started flying again after 9 years and was surprised at how many RNAV approaches there are. Also all the radios are digital. I tried using XPlane 11 but my graphic card is not compatible. (Needs 30 frames/sec and my computer graphics card only does 14 frames per second. I do not need a simulator with lots of graphics, airports, airplanes, scenery. I just want to be able to fly IFR and Fly IFR Approaches (including RNAV) in a Cessna 182 or 172 with gps and digital radios. I have a CH Products Yoke with mixture, props, throttle, flaps, and trim controls. There about 20 different controls/switches all together. It connects with a USB connector.


I would appreciate it if any of you simulator experts could point me in the right direction


Thanks in advance..


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FS9, FSX or P3D can provide you with instrument approaches, just as you were used to. But keep in mind that it's database is still from around 2005 (FSX came out late 2005), so approaches and other such information is that vintage, not up to date. I've heard there are add-ons to do some updating, but I'm not familiar with them.


Flight Gear flight simulator is a free sim that you can download, though it's a bit more complex (in some ways) than FS.


And Xplane is the only other one I know of currently.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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