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loading FSX on external HD,with FSX still on C drive


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my question is, can I install new FSX on an external hard drive,with an other FSX still on C drive ?

why I am asking this is my computer is pretty old but runs fairly well ,but load times are getting VERY long.

I want to try loading a new FSX on external drive to see if works better.but I don't want to get delete the C drive

FSX just in case (I have so many tweeks I can't remember them all!!)


Acer Aspire 2.4, ,Nvidia Gforce 6800 gt
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FSX will not install multiple times on the same system.


You can, however, COPY, the current install to another location (or make a complete backup) and run the FSX.exe from the new location and see how it does. FSX itself doesn't care where you put it. If it runs better from the new location, then apply one of the REGISTRY ADJUMENT utilities and 'relocate' FSX. FSX doesn't need it but some addon installers will. This may not be true for everyone's installation, but I've found it consistently true on my system.


Also, some addons MAY not run from the new location because they have their original install location recorded in their own start-up files - You may have to "uninstall/reinstall" some of them.


the 'new' copy will use the same scenery.cfg and same fsx.cfg because they are associated with your user name and NOT the install location. Of course, you can create a new user account and customize that differently...




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