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VoxATC no sid or star assigned


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I am trying the trial version of VoxATC, I really like it. But I have never been assigned a Sid or Star.


I have the latest navdata for aerosoft, I've read if you want to know that it should work go in Procedure Prnounciation Editor and you will see the sid and stars. I tried with KJFK, there is nothing.


I did tell the software which folder the navdata are in, I did the indexer after that.


I have tried to make flight plans that start and end with VORs that fits with the sids and stars...


Is this VoxATC just broken now? Or there is something I am doing wrong...


I want to buy it, but, if I can't get that working, I will look for something else.

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You are using the wrong navdata. You need to read page 58 of the manual. "Getting the SID/STAR Data". It is pretty self explanatory.

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