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FSX not recording my flight hours/other issues


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For some time now, I knew FSX quit recording my flight time and any record keeping. I am not aware of any action one could do to cause this, but something must have happened in "Pilot Records" where this information is active. Anyone know how this could have happened in the game? It quit at 10 hours as well as any related stuff. So, Pilot Records is dead in my game.

Likewise, I was landing on a "Add on Scenery" runway and saw a building sitting on the runway!!. So, I went into the FSX Add On Scenery folder to disable a few files to troubleshoot this. Now, the way I remember handling a computer issue---you can rename a file by adding a couple letters and the computer will then ignore it because the file it is looking for is technically not there. Is this still right? I really do not want to start deleting something out of the Scenery folder. The rename did not change the effect. So I am thinking the blip is in another folder. ? Plus there are 2 control towers and runway markers on the field--no, I have not been drinking.


John Redd

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You have a scenery conflict. You can resolve this by using the scenery library to enable/disable scenery layers for the area until the problem goes away. You can also use the scenery installer you used to uninstall scenery you added. You'll find that in the Control Panel. If you installed the scenery files yourself... yes, renaming files you don't want to delete is one way. I use this technique:








If you need the original file back, you can untrash it, or rename the .disable file by removing .disable and it will work like the original.



Maybe your log file is corrupted. You can repair it. Do some searches in this forum where this has been discussed many times.



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About the scenery library.

You will find the scenery library when you: start fsx - do not start a flight - but click settings - scenery library.

In there you find the scenery area's.

You will find for example the -Addon scenery- area.


I don't know what method you use to install scenery, so I will explain for both options.


There are two ways of adding a new scenery.

Method -1-

In addon scenery are the -scenery and the -texture- folder. You place the .bgl files in the -scenery- folder. You place texture files in the -texture- folder. --That's it.

*Simple to do, but this gets confusing. Sometimes there are several texture files and .bgl files for one scenery. After installing many addons, trying to find the correct ones to disable can get difficult. Thankfull, there is a better way.


Method -2-

You can add a new folder in the -Addon Scenery- folder. This folder will contain only the one Airport you are adding. In the new folder you also create a new -scenery- folder and a -texture- folder. Now, in your new airport folder, you place the .bgl files in the -scenery- folder. You place texture files in the -texture- folder. Then you have installed the airport.

To see it in the sim, you will need to add that new folder to the 'Scenery Library' in FSX. To do that, start FSX, go to the scenery library and use the 'Add New Area' option.

*With method -2- you have a seperate folder for each airport. you can disable them one by one (for testing for example).


--There is one thing you must remember with this. If you have added an area this way (using method -2-) you MUST REMOVE it again through the scenery library BEFORE removing the folder from the -Addon Scenery folder-.




If you simply added all your scenery to the -Addon Scenery\Scenery- folder (method -1-), you can disable them one by one to test by renaming the files.

What you do actually is changing the file extension. (The file extension is what tells windows what program to open the file with.) For scenery files that is the .bgl extension. To disable files I usually rename them from ******.bgl to ******.bgl.bak but renaming to ******.bgl.disabled will work as well.

I leave the original extension part in ******.bgl.bak so I know what filetype it was originally!!

You can always rename back to ******.bgl later and the file will still be ok.

(---read on first---)



If you used (method -2-) to install scenery, simply test by disabling/enabling in the scenery library inside FSX. You can do this in flight even. During a flight, in the scenery library. Pause the flight - press >Alt

Then just remove a check mark and click Ok to disable one.



Ok then, if you have put everything in the -Addon Scenery\Scenery-folder (Method -1- ), testing them one by one could take a long time. And at the end of it, everything disabled, the problem may still be there!!

So do it smarter. First, disable the entire "Addon Scenery" Area, in the scenery library only. (method2) That way all your addons are disabled at once. Click Ok, and do a flight to see if that fixed it. At least that would 'narrow it down' (a little bit at least).



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It's good we're taking turns explaining everything 88, it gets so tiresome after a while typing the same stuff over and over. Thanks so much!



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