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Technical Issue: Crashes on ESC and Menu


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Hi Guys,


I have had a quick flick through and cannot find another post related to this issue.

Since purchasing the new FSX Steam Edition I am experiencing an issue in which every time I press ESC or access some Menu options such as (but not limited to) simulation rate x16 and above, Map and Flight Planner.


Things I have attempted to remedy the issue:

  • Lower Graphics
  • Delete/Recreate FSX.cfg


I cannot think of anything else at this time, can anyone assist?






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Hi Glavvo,


I had the exact same problem - although not sure if it cropped up in sim rate menus etc, but it did on ESC in the Steam Version. I assume you're running an AMD card? There's a common issue on a slightly older version of catalyst on AMD cards that causes this. I know it sounds like I'm just hashing out the same tired old response, but... update your graphics driver and catalyst control center. It literally was the fix for me. Runs perfect now.

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Normally, FSX boxed version users solve the menu click crashes with the uiauomationcore.dll in the FS installation folder. My understanding is the Steam version has provided this fix by default in 64 bit OSes. To see if you have it, look for this file in your FSX installation directory.



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