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The makers of FSE2004 Lagosim.com are nolonger trading for many many years now, but is still available (legitimately) as ex-payware through Simviation, but without all the additional features of the original full payware program. As I understand from previous use, I nolonger use FS2004/FS9 so cannot install to test, though when I had LAGO FSE (this ex-payware version) it enabled FSE features implemented by other freeware scenery developers, but you could not add FSE features to your own projects without the Full payware program. Best to give it a try possibly i'm wrong, you may be pleasantly surprised that this is the last version with all payware features included.


I had a little search around the web and found something at "Simviation" follow the link below to page, it should be P2 second from the top Lago FSE - "Flight Scenery Enhancer 2004" for FS2004/FS9



Please read the Download for FSE2004 it explains what the software is/does, as I remember it EZ scenery and Runway 12 are also required. Please also thoroughly read the installation instructions once extracted.



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You're welcome Steeltrap007, enjoy.


I remember when I had FSE in FS2004, I had a scenerypack for SIRP (Snowfield Research Project) in the Pacific Fjords near Petersburg Airport, the mountains opposite had made great use of Lago FSE snow blow effects and ice boulders cabin chimney smoke among many other things to long ago to remember specifically. Also had some Papua New Guinea scenery which made smoke and rumbling sounds for some volcanoes, that was very cool for FS2004/FS9.


Cheers Jethro

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