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Flight Time Compression


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tap the r key.

tap main keyboard + to increase (X1, X2, X4, X8, X32, etc, or 1/2, 1/4) Tap - key to go down.

Very high x time can make the sim unstable.

To exit X time control, tap the BACKSPACE key.

Any KEY OR MOUSE CLICK will exit Xtime control, but if you are in Xtime, you will lose control of it and will be stuck in Xtime. Press r again to get BACK INTO Xtime and -+ to change back to normal.


You'll find all the key commands and what they do in the Learning Center. WHile in the sim, you can also press shift-F10 and click "keys" to get a list while in the plane.



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Or, press alt to bring up the top toolbar, press options, simulation rate, then select the speed you want.


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How can I compress my flight time, i.e. 11 hour flight down to 2 hours.


If you're flying IFR and ATC gives you a handoff or any other instruction requiring acknowledgement while you are in time compression, you need to be REALLY fast on the Pause key (P) or ATC will cancel your IFR flight plan in a heartbeat due to your failure to acknowledge quickly enough, which could be a mere couple of seconds at high time compressions.


Also, your autopilot's Alt Hold may porpoise the airplane at 4x-8x, and if you are flying a wing-flexing aircraft such as the default 747, you will get to see the wings flap rapidly up and down like a bird's wings at 8x because the AP can't keep up with those time rates and produces an amusing but scary PIO. The AP will cease to function at all compression rates above 8x, which can make returning to real time an adventure- You might be inverted or diving for the ground... you almost certainly will be way off your assigned altitude.


Don't ask me how I know these things... I just heard about them somewhere... surely, I would never lose control of my 747 full of passengers due to such laziness... :rolleyes:

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