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Question about Quality Wings 787 for FSX


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This looks a fantastic product and really want to buy. However, I have two questions before I handover what isn't a considerable sum for the software.


1. How complex is this to actually fly? I'm not a professional pilot, but love experiencing flight in the simulator albeit at a simple level. I don't want to be on the ground for 30 minutes setting the thing up to get it into the air or rifling through a manual for ages. I like the DLC that are simple if you want them to be simple, and complex if you want them to complex. The Aerosoft Twin Otter extended is a perfect example. My favourite aircraft in the game. I can fly the thing straight away without issue, and then learn about the functionalities and extra features slowly in my own time. Is the Quality Wings 787 like that or expert level complex from the start?


2. How does it perform in FSX regarding frame rates and 'out of memory' errors? Visually it looks stunning, but I have my doubts whether 32-bit FSX can handle it. Don't want OOM crashes all the time.

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I purchased Quality Wings' 787 for P3Dv4.3 - probably very similar to the FSX version. I found it to be of high quality and more complicated than I desire. I immediately had problems with the autopilot doing things I had not asked for. The AP user guide alone used no less than 29 pages (!) to describe its functions and operation, and I eventually lost my patience.


This is in no way a criticism of QW, I actually admire the authenticity they achieved with this design. It seems that real technology in commercial aircraft strives for complete automation, i.e. you program your flight plan into the FMC and autopilot, and the computers run the aircraft accordingly. However - like you - I don't have the patience to learn (and remember) as much as a real airline captain, nor am I interested in highly automated flight simulation, no matter how real it may be. However, you may want to give it a try, if you want to spend some time studying big manuals. Philosophically I am a little concerned that flight simulation technology develops to the point that you need to know as much as the real pilots in order to fly - some hobbyists may enjoy that challenge, but I won't, and if many others feel the same way, it could hurt the FS business as a whole.


My story had a happy ending however, because QW offers a 30 day money return if you are unhappy with the product. I uninstalled the 787 and the gentlemen at QW returned my money.



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Hi there.


Thanks very much for the feedback. This is what I suspected in being a very complicated aircraft to fly and requiring hours of time devoted to reading manuals and learning checklists. Not my idea of relaxation haha.


However, I feel very tempted to give it a go anyway at least if there is a 30 day money return. It might also force me to learn a bit more about flying an airliner than the minimum so could be quite interesting. I did read on one review, that someone hoped it could be made even more complex with more systems added in the future :D. Personal tastes I suppose.

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K2rockall, you have the same tastes as me - I went this same route myself a few months ago, and bought the Aerosim 787 instead - I'm very pleased with it's ease of use and the many features which aren't even listed on Aerosim's website, it's great. You need to install the two update patches for it, or the FMC will crash when you load a flightplan.

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I have the QW 757 and it’s “ctrl +E” engine start. Also the FMC’s programming is simplistic.


Surprised the 787 isn’t similar in ease of operation.

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Well after much thought I decided to dive in and purchase. I managed to take off and land without really doing much so very positive start. Hopefully I can learn the complexities as I go along. However, I was frustrated by the OOM errors which I was getting when trying to land at my Aerosoft Heathrow Xtended add-on. Oh the joys of FSX 32-bit! Going to P3D is simply not an option.
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