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Guest me1900



January 2019




Dear All,


Roy has asked me to respond to your various e-mails and supportive messages to him.


He thanks you for them and for your very kind comments He was so pleased to hear from you.


He was in hospital for 7 months in all but is home now and makes slow improvement. His initial fall which broke his neck, and the subsequent fall which broke his lower spine, are now both behind him. He is still in a wheelchair or reclining chair all day but is just beginning to be able to use his hands, stand, and balance. He is determined to walk again unaided.


We both hope you had a very pleasant Christmas and that the New Year proves healthy and successful for you.


Very kindest regards


Dinah (and Roy) 2019


He made 2D Panels freeware that worked with Tony D'Ambrosio's gauges for the community for many years. I hope for his speedy recovery.

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