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What you see on AIG is primarily flight plans. You would compile the plans using AIFP.


There are usually links to where you find the models and the repaints, either where you find the plans on the site or in the readme that comes with the plans. If there aren't any links, then you'll have to search the various repaint sites yourself for them.


There are also discussion groups for models (with links) converted from FS9 to FSX or new FSX-only models, and also for models converted for P3D. Plus discussion groups for other things, like for AIFP, for defunct airlines, for new airlines etc. etc. etc.


Go and explore the site - it's worth it.


A primary source for models of the Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321s, and for Boeings of the 737/747/767 series is the FAIB site. The Good Thingâ„¢ about FAIB is that the models are free.....



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