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Reasonably priced scenery & planes for Steam Edition


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Hey folks,


I've got a little bit of budget for buying some scenery and plane add-ons, and because I don't spend a huge amount of time with the game I'm loathe to spend the big bucks on some of the addons ($60 for a plane? I only paid £20 for the game!). I have a list of plane models and areas I'd like, and I was hoping someone could recommend me good versions of them that are compatible with the Steam Edition. I know there's a lot of resources out there but choosing between them is pretty hard when you don't know what you're looking for. A few of these things I've checked out free versions of and have been reasonably happy with, but wouldn't mind an improvement. For the planes, a good VC is a must as I fly almost exclusively in this mode (only jumping out to Spot plane if I need to look in a blind spot for a runway, or similar. Or just to check out the model.)


The planes are all planes I have a soft spot for for having been around them so much (I used to work at BHD on the ramp, and my father has been an avionics engineer all his life with Loganair, Manx airlines, BA Connect, FlyBE...)


BTW if any of the creators of the models are reading this, please take my criticism with the respect they're intended. I know making the models is difficult, and VCs too, and the hard work put in is appreciated - especially when you release your work for free.



1. Dash-8. I have a free one from this site in the new FlyBE livery, which is pretty nice, but the VC feels a little rough around the edges and the engines don't actually shut down - the games registers them as such but the props keep spinning at full RPM in the model and the sound sticks around. Speaking of sound, it's a little off, and almost sounds like it's being run through a phaser effect pedal.


2. BAe 146. Same issue as above - nice model, working parts, VC works nicely but a little rough. Same engine shutoff problem. Sound is also a bit picky - at certain levels of thrust (usually 100%) the sound goes really quiet, and is much louder at idle.


3. ATP. I've not got a free model of this, so nothing to be picky over.


4. Piper Cherokee 180. Not a soft spot for this one, but I've been looking at a PPC course here and the local flying school operates one of these, so I wouldn't mind having one around to play with. The one I found on the site didn't have a VC - instead it had a normal 2D cockpit with a weird hand drawn in.


5. Shorts 360. The flying shed. I do actually have a free one that I've not loaded up yet, so I'm not sure how well it works in terms of the common criticisms I've found. But a reasonably priced one wouldn't go amiss.


6. 787 Dreamliner. Need I say more? Again, got a free one but not spent any time in it.


7. Let L-410. Yeah, a weird one, I know. But I live on the Isle of Man, and our "local" airline runs these. Not high on my priority list, though.




UK/Ireland, with specific attention paid to Isle of Man


Any other great scenery addons you think are worthwhile - interesting/challenging airports etc.

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Yeah I've found most of what I want in the free section but I'm a bit picky and as I mentioned above there's a few little niggles that are bothering me on some files that I'd happily pay a little money to get something I'm 100% happy with.


Regarding scenery, I grabbed the free IoM Airport and Belfast City Airport files from here. The IoM one is pretty much spot on, I'd just like some more general island-wide scenery ("I can see my house from here!") and the Belfast one has the annoying problem of... Samson & Goliath aren't modeled in the harbour :(

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Sounds like you need to spend some time checking out the offerings at Premier Aircraft Design for Dash-8, Shorts, Trilanders, Dorniers, etc. Lots of custom repaints for your locations.

I've recently added quite a few of these short-haul/regional class aircraft to my hangars.



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 16GB gskill;

quiet, fast and cool running.

Win 7/64: 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO (500G) game drive;

Win10/64: 850 EVO (500G) for OS and games

A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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