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FSX-SE and Orbx FTX Central?


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I have recently completed a total reinstall of FSXSE...It installed it to my "C" drive, which is fine except that the drive is now almost full...Is there a way to tell FTX Central to install scenery to another drive that I could then map to FSXSE using the Scenery Library? I have tried Manual Download, but Central still puts the new scenery files into "C"...Or, can I simply copy the installed scenery files from "C" to another drive and map it that way? Thanks for the advice!
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I'm not too sure on that. You might be able to copy and paste over the three main folders for ORBX (is this base?) to a second HDD then run this tool and add three new entries reflecting the new paths on your second HDD. https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/


Again, I don't know if it will work correctly or not. In theory it should since the scenery.cfg file tells the Sim where the scenery and texture folders are. And that's about it.


In fact, you can install all of your massive scenery to a second drive so long as you reflect that path in the scenery.cfg file. I did this in FS2004 with BlueSky scenery.

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