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One more landing gear question

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I followed the instructions posted yesterday by StringBean and now I have separate keys for GEAR_DOWN...(G) and for GEAR_UP....(R, for retract), thanks a bunch StringBean the "TOGGLE" has always bugged me. However it would be really cool to have the gear controls on a rocker switch on my Saitek throttle quadrant. I was hoping these new key functions would show up on the control assignment settings selection page when FSX was running but I don't see them, "G" still shows as toggle? Is there anyway to fix this and have the gear controls on a vertical rocker switch making there operation a little more realistic?
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You can use your controller mapping software to do this (which is what I do) or get the licensed FSUIPC to do the mapping. Hope you remapped the original "r" key which controls software acceleration (X time) which is a pretty handy feature. FS itself only sees standard default controller buttons but mapping software can see ALL your controller's buttons and assign keystrokes to them.



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There is a way to do this.


Open the Control Assignments GUI in FSX.


Assign any unused options to the rocker switch, remember which ones you used.


Find those two assignments in the Standard.XML file and change them to the gear commands.


I do not intend to sound like someone who does not like FSUIPC, I do.


And I have the registered version.


I just like to share what I know to those who may not see the need, or expense, of buying the FSUIPC license.


While I appreciate all of Pete Dowson's hard work and input he has given to the community, I also recognize his product isn't for everyone.


Also, FSUIPC might be the best supported FS addon there is.


The day Pete decides to "hang 'em up" will be a very sad day for the community.



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