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AI Flight Planner - Change All Traffic to show "FN" rather than "REG"


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Some of my AI traffic shows up with its REG number rather than FN. I've been updating the plans one at a time but that seems tedious. Is there a quicker way to change ALL flight plans within a traffic file to show FN instead of changing them one at a time?\


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I figured it out first. You just pull of the 'flightplans' txt files from the FSX World/ Scenery and simply do a 'find and replace' of


,R, replace with ,F,


Just fyi in case anyone else was looking for the reply.


And I was going to say exactly that. +1 for Notepad ++ !!!!


I've hand edited countless AI flight plans and it's my preferred way to this day. In fact, I still use Ttools, create the plans then run the BGL file through AIFP to convert to FSX format. LOL I just prefer this method as I can't for the life of me figure out all of AIFP's features. No matter how hard I try. Hand editing is just set in stone so to speak and it gets the job done.

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Just an FYI. Go ahead and download Ttools from here in the library, file name ttool202.zip In there is a really great tutorial on how flight plans work.


In the Ttools folder it's the ReadMe.htm file.


It's unbelievable that Ttools has a little over 93,000 downloads.

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