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Any idea what would cause this?

Double J

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You sure seem to have more than your share of trouble.


Let's see... Leaving us to guess what your complaint is...


I realize you have a 3.9 Ghz computer but your settings are still pushing the limits of your machine pretty hard.


Is it the default ground texture at the bottom that bothers you? Maybe the underlying scenery area around the airport isn't loading.



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Uncheck your addon scenery in the scenery library so there is only default left and see if the black goes away, then re-enable them one at a time and see which causes it to come back.



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This could also be your settings are too high. Go to settings and save. Back up your current CFG file.


Click defaults in the UI and see if problem goes away.



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Obviously something changed. Impossible to guess.


Maybe you could list all the changes you've made to your computer just prior to noticing the problem and one of us could guess which one(s) contributed or we can continue to play 50 questions. I suspect you, like the rest of us don't have a completely static FS environment. It's our desire that nothing accumulates or affects other parts we haven't touched, but that is not reality.


You can only discount a solution which has been tried and failed unless you believe you cannot recover from that solution.

I've offered two so far, but guesses are all you are going to get without us sitting at your computer.



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Make sure you have your ground detail scenery texture checked. Happened to me with Sim Savvy but that's what the cause was. Hope this helps.



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I put my settings back to default, problem still there. As for changes to my FSX...Nothing. Other than a Windows update last week and playing with textures for the C172.


Are you using the FTX Central control panel to change to default scenery? Maybe cycling it back to ORBX scenery and rebooting your computer.

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Move your mesh complexity slider down.


Start at 80 and see if it is any better.


You might want to go even lower.



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"Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post

Are you using the FTX Central control panel to change to default scenery? Maybe cycling it back to ORBX scenery and rebooting your computer."


"Tried it no change, I suspect that is where the problem is. "


" Quote Originally Posted by f16jockey_2 View Post

IMO it's an airport elevation problem. A scenery issue indeed, or rather a mesh issue.

Did you by any chance add 3rd party mesh ?




"It's all Orbx, nothing but Orbx with no other mesh. "


"Haven't touched my settings in a year. I have had this scenery installed for a year as well. "


Sounds like you had a suspicion what it was the whole time.


It does appear you have been experimenting somewhat lately.









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It got dark outside then morning came. LOL


Honestly absolutely nothing unless switching regions in FTX Central from FTX Global to North America could have messed something up. I suspect the problem is with FTX Central, I have a thread on Orbx but sometimes it takes days to get a response and since I had the day to go flying(which I didn't) I figured I would try to figure this out while I had the time.



sounds like "something" to me.....

It did not "just get dark" and a computer does not "just do things on it's own".


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"from one region to the other (which is what it's used for) has managed to screw something up?"


Hopefully you'll get timely support from them. There is no such thing as perfect software.

It's also impossible to test a program in every possible combination of other software and add-ons.


If there is a bug, at LEAST one person will find it even if no one else in the world experiences it.


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What if you have pushed your video card to it's limits and possibly due to heating up will no longer 'do the math' and you wind up with 'stick figures'? Could happen.

Chuck B


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To put it a bit nicer,

Maybe you are asking yourself the wrong question.

When something like this happens, the question is not: "what could cause thes visuals", or: "what could have caused this".

The right question is: "what did I do that caused this" "did I install programs" "did I change settings maybe".


And to help you with this particular one, also the question: "what is affected".

--Runway elevations (check it, don't assume), runway details look ok, trees are present, terrain elevations are wrong, etc.

In the case of terrain elevations, adjust the mesh slider up and see if it helps.

If not, it must be addon terrain (not fitting with the used mesh).

Find an area where you have no addons at all. Maybe you fly never in australia, and have no addons there at all. Test there then. But switch of all the addons in the library also, just in case.

For some things a reboot can help also.


You will have to test these possibilities, disabling one by one and testing in between. That could mean slowly deconstructing to almost pristine default fsx to identify what is causing it.

Just sending an image and asking 'what's causing this' only makes me think: that could be anything.

Then, people suggest things and you just decide "you think that can't be it".

I think you should take their suggestions more seriously.


You've had "what's causing this" answered. Faulty mesh.

You've recieved advice on mesh settings.

You yourself, as well as others, identified FTX as something you messed with.


I don't use FTX, so I can't give specific advice, but I would try messing around with the settings in there probably.


Remember, admitting you made a mistake is the first step to making it right again. And it's not something to be ashamed of, we all make mistakes.


wish you succes with it.

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Apologies for my last answers. I was a bit cranky I guess (not because of you). I should not have responded this way.


The problem lies with my expectations.

When people tha are on the forum for a while report a fsx problem, I expect them to have at least tried the obvious.

-1- remove any and all overclocking of the processor.

-2- Reinstalling the videocard driver. Even though you have the correct one already, sometimes a driver gets messed up and needs reinstalling. Can't hurt.

The nvidia drivers have the option of a "clean reinstall" which sets the videocard to default settings while reinstalling, you should use that. (then leave the card at dfault settings while testing)

-3- For those who use it, setting NVidia inspector back to default settings. That also means you remove overclocking from the videocard. (leave at default or don't use while testing)

-4- Rebuilding the fsx.cfg file. This sets all the fsx settings to default. (again, leave them like that while testing)

-5- A reboot of the computer. (to make sure all settings have taken effect)


After that you (and if you report it to us, we) know so much more!

If the problem is still present after this, you have now determined it is not a graphical display problem. It is not a problem of fsx displaying something wrong because of settings, it is not fsx doing it right but the videocard messing things up, and it is not because of overclocking.


Once you checked all these steps, it means therefore the scenery looks like it should look. And if you don't like how that looks, you should try changing that scenery. (mesh, terrain whatever it is.). You have anlysed the source of the problem.


Personally, I sort of expect people to have tried at least these steps before posting (except for new members). And, then to report what they have tried, and to report precicely.

So not:"I reset it to default"

But instead: "I reverted fsx to default settings. I renamed the fsx.cfg and started fsx. The settings were back to default then but the problem did not go away"

That way we know exactly what someone did. "I reset it to default" could mean anything really....


For example, in this thread you say, quote: "reset 'it' to default, no change.". To which I think: Set what to default, just that setting, or the fsx.cfg. And how did he test, Multiple locations I hope... (No need to go back to that question for me, just as example.)


Another example is your starting post. A picture with the words: "what causes this"

Makes me think: "what does he mean by "this". I see an airport with some hills. Some airports do just look like that."

I also think: "Or did he find that picture on interweb, and does he want 'that' for himself too".

I really couldn't make heads or tails of the original question.

Always best to put your question in your own -words-, as well as maybe sending a picture.


I know, my expectations are way to high. If everyone would know all that, there probably would be much less activity on the forum.;) And that wouldn't be a good thing.

I concider this fsx/computer basics, but to be honest it's not basics at all, it probably took me a year on the forum to 'get' these things.


So, no hard feelings at all. And again, I apologise.

Just please, try to put yourself in our position. When you ask for help, you really need to give clear info. Else it's just not going to work, no matter how much we want to help. All we can do is give some suggestions to try, but it's mainly just guessing.

If we were sitting at your computer we might find an answer much quicker. Since we cant fly out to your location for this, you have to be our eyes and ears. You have to do the testing and troubleshooting. And you have to communicate what you see and what you tried already. That will help narrow down the cause.


Often it's just a small thing causing the fsx issue, a simple fix. The hard part is finding what it is. Sometimes that means going down the list of possibilities and making 100% sure they are all installed and running correctly. Sometimes it means uninstalling reinstalling things to test if they are causing the issue. And it always means removing the jacked up settings first. (the five steps at the top of this way to long post.)


regards, il88pp

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IMO it's an airport elevation problem. A scenery issue indeed, or rather a mesh issue.



Set mesh resolution to 38 m and see what happens.

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