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VATSIM - useless?


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VATSIM was down for a quite a while and now it's back but there doesn't seem to be any ability to search for international flight routes like was once possible. Now there is just an endless display of random routes which really doesn't work if you're planning a specific routes. Is there any other site maybe similar to flightaware that will list real life international routes?
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This seems to do mostly with ATC. I don't see anything about the flight routes they have posted.


It's there. Look again. There is nothing you would want to find out about pilots and ATC which not included in these displays somewhere. The images I have posted are only a very small example. Download and install the program and see for yourself.




Those little black planes all over the map? Those are flying pilots not ATC.

The List with a pilot highlighted? That is just ONE pilot out of 787 online. The list you see in the screeny is filtered to only show the domestic and international flights originating or to the US.





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