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Fellow Flight Simmers,

This will be a long post, so please bear with me. I've been playing FSX for over three years now, and I'm really good at it, except for maneuvering on the ground. The problem is that I have a disability where I am paralyzed from my knees to my toes. Because of this, the Saitek Rudder Pedals are out of the question. Can any of you think of some type of modification I could make so I'd be able to steer the plane without having to use the arrow buttons on my keyboard? I don't exactly have really good control using that method! I'm starting to fly online now, and I don't want ATC to think I'm flying drunk because I can't stay on the center line. Any insight you can provide is appreciated.



Kevin Davis

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+ 1 ............ I have flown both yoke and pedals, and the Logitech Extreme 3D joy stick, which I have now, and find the joy stick to be a much more precise control for all 3 axis.


Check on-line with the Best Buy stores.



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+2...The Logitech Extreme 3D is a very durable unit and I've seen them from Staples, Office Max, for generally $35.00. I'm have been using mine for over seven years and just bought a spare when it went on Sale for $34. It's not perfect, but it doesn't cost $200 either. Good unit.. Terry

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Hello Kevin,


Try a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 joystick which I have used for a very long time. The handle twists to control the rudder and this is very practicable and has not distracted anything from the simulation experience. I am sure you'll find one used in good condition on eBay for next to nothing. And they are super tough and long lasting, too.


best of luck.





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You can turn on autorudder and steer on the ground with your joystick (I presume you have one), which for most purposes will be satisfactory. If you really want rudder control on the ground or in the air, there are many options. You could look at
for a survey of most of them.




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Hi Folks,


Been using a CH Products HOTAS for decades - the Pro Throttle has a full blown micro joystick under the thumb that works exceptionally well for a rudder... I’ve used both this micro joystick and rudder pedals - I am far more precise with the micro joystick... Given your situation I would highly recommend it... I fly for real as well and - no - I don’t get confused when in the cockpit - LOL...










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