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RTW Retro Flight #101 Nice to Geneva . . . . . 1961


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Swissair flight 159 is a Convair CV-440 Metropolitan on a late evening flight from Nice’s Cote d’Azur airport to Geneva’s Cointrin airport (LFMN - LSGG). We have 500 gallons of fuel on board for the 161 nm flight. Moderate cloud cover is reported and we will be cruising at an altitude of 16,000 feet.


Thanks to:

Aircraft: Convair CV-440 Metropolitan. The CV-440 base pack is by Tom Gibson & Greg Pepper. The Swissair paint is by Markus Hellwig.

Propliner AI & Traffic: CalClassic & FS Aviator - Tom Gibson, Mike Stevens, Jason Krogmann, Manuel Jagmann, Bill Towers, Nikko Yaginuma, Richard Wright, Frederick Coleman, Dave Jones, Paul Haak, Marty Lochmiller, Ake Lindberg, Harland Sandberg, Richard Wright and Gary Harper. At www.calclassic.com

Scenery and Add-ons: MS FS2004 v9.1 Standard and:

- Nice Cote d’Azur airport is by Harry Biard, Johan Dees, Jaap de Baare, Wolfgang Gersch, Nikko Yaginuma and Tom Gibson and updated by Harry Biard, Jaap de Baare and Bernhard Leuenberger. At www.calclassic.com

- Geneva Cointrin airport is from the 1961 Central Europe scenery package by Wolfgang Gersch, Harry Biard, Michael Schneider, Jaap de Baare, Nikko Yaginuma, Tom Gibson, Bernard Leuenberger and Mike Stevens. At www.calclassic.com

- Swissair 1961 timetable from the collection of Björn Larsson and David Zekria at www.timetableimages.com

- Rwy12 and EZ Static Object and Scenery Libraries. At www.flightsim.com

- FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries v4a by Wolfgang Gersch. At www.flightsim.com

- REX FS9 w/Overdrive & SP5.

- Flight One Ground Environment Pro II

- FS Genesis UT Europe.


Click to Enlarge . . . . . .


Convair CV-440_Swissair_01.jpg

1. Swissair Timetable July 1 to October 31, 1961.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_02.jpg

2. Flight plan filed, passengers embarked, cockpit checks completed and engines started.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_03.jpg

3. Taxiing out to runway 4 for departure.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_04.jpg

4. Liftoff and tucking up the gear.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_05.jpg

5. Leaving Nice behind us we turn on a course of 344 degrees for Geneva.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_06.jpg

6. Heading north northwest from Nice toward the Maritime Alps with the Paillon River below.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_07.jpg

7. Climbing through 6,000 feet we see the Var River off to the left.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_08.jpg

8. Passing through 14,000 feet about 20 nm from Nice.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_09.jpg

9. At our cruising altitude of 16,000 feet we see the village of Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée below our left wing.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_10.jpg

10. A look out the left over the Maritime Alps about 75 nm from Nice.


More in the reply . . . . . . . . .


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Click to Enlarge . . . . . .


Convair CV-440_Swissair_11.jpg

11. Just a bit short of the halfway point we get a partial view through the clouds of the scenic Vallée de la Clarée off to the left.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_12.jpg

12. Now over the snow covered Rhône Alps we turn toward the northwest.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_13.jpg

13. Descending through 11,000 feet over Albertville we see the Arly River winding through the valley.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_14.jpg

14. At 8,000 feet about 30 nm from Geneva we see the Isère River below.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_15.jpg

15. With Lake Annecy behind and to the right of us we turn north toward Cointrin airport.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_16.jpg

16. We are now over Switzerland passing through 4,000 feet 8 nm from the airport with flaps 20.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_17.jpg

17. Gear down and flaps 40 we pass over the Rhone River and see Lake Geneva in the far background as we line up our approach to runway 5.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_18.jpg

18. Less than 2 nm from the runway we are lined up on short final.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_19.jpg

19. Touchdown.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_20.jpg

20. We are off the runway taxiing to the terminal.


Convair CV-440_Swissair_21.jpg

21. Parked, engines shut down and passengers disembarked. Thanks for flying Swissair.


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At first, I'd not seen that was a new of your flights! :):)

Fine one! I also check that, finally, some of our routes are often similar! Fine!

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Lovely series of shots, Larry, well composed and narrated! Hats off.



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